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You seen me in Social Media… Well this where will I add some extra content.

Latest scribbles:

Who is Miss Annula?

Well my name is Ann and I am solo mama of two in west of Ireland. Most of my days I spend hustling at home with my two online businesses, cleaning after my two cats, dog and two adorable wildlings that I call my kids. Battle to keep my home and myself clean of all the pet hair… yep! Its tiny dog, but the hair… the HAIR!!!

But I’m also pretty adventures, I love good food, I love good books, I love discovering new places, going hiking and camping and making best out of the time I have. Today, when I write this as I start my blog, is a day after my grandfather has passed. He was avid reader and writer himself. I have always stopped myslef doing it, as I feel I wont be any good at it – how silly and insecure… Yet, I do have same attitude to life as he has: take the best out of the day that has dawned. So here I am: 90 days! make me accountable!!!


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