A day in my life…

So let’s start…

I guess i start of the day to give idea of what or who I am. Most morning my day starts with … (enter here face slap emoji)

Gosh, we all do things each day, come to pandemic the days are like the new Amazon Prime Tv series of The Loop. You can get stuck in same cycle. Get up, get coffee, do yoga, read book, home school with breakfast or drop your kids to at the school, work and hustle – or sometimes put on Netflix and watch it aimlessly because you have forgotten what needs to be done, what season it is, what day it is and sometimes because you just can’t bare to do your home office again because it seems endless loop of routine.

kilbeg pier yoga

I am NOT great in endless routine. I’m not the one who could work in office or factory and repeat same thing over and over again. I can’t even do same exercise longer than two cycles and run aimlessly on treadmills for hours. My mind is explorer and looks always something new and different. And one thing this 18 month of restrictions have thought me how much I have been in hamster wheel serving others and making my dreams to happen “tomorrow”. How much I neglected my self care and how many times I gave out to myself when I decided to watch Netflix rather than work on my marketing plan or look for employment. This is first time that I feel that I actually own my own time and money I make. This is first time I feel free..

This is also first time in my 37 years of life that I feel like every day in my life is the day of my life. Each day I do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow is not here yet. I also do not worry about yesterday or past year or five years gone… Why? As today I can do it again as I feel. I am not in the rat race with anyone besides myself, and that is exactly what gives me freedom to enjoy the life the most.

Yesterday is History, tomorrow is a Mystery, today is gift of universe, which is why we call it The Present.

Bill Keane

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