7 Books I cant depart from..

I read a lot.. I read roughly 40-50 books a year – yes a book a week! Some of them a great, some of them are not.. some of them are digital and audio but some of them are hardcovers. I do prefer hardcover books more. So I’m going to list out seven books that I would recommend to anyone who would have interest to it.

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho Alchemist

It was first book ever handed to me after family tragedy, what ended up me landing to Ireland. At age of 23 at the time, I read the book, liked it, but didn’t fully understand it. Years later the book found me again, read it again and it hit me little more, third time when I picked it up – it became more and more clear. Now, I don’t think there is another book I have read three times before. This one gets better as older you get and move through your life. When I find this book as I am rooting through old books in book stores or drift shops – I won’t leave it behind. It is one of those books I will be always giving it as gift to anyone who wants or won’t take it as offence.

Tell your heart that fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself

Alchemist to The Boy via Paulo Coelho

Paulo has become one of my all time favorite writer over the years. It’s not about his religion or faith but rather the way he connects everything and everyone as collective. If you ever want to give me a gift: get me one of his books! It doesn’t matter have I read it or not, I will read it again.

2. Quantum Healing -revised and updated by Deepak Chopra

Genes are not the fixed, stable, immovable entities I was taught about; they are fluid and dynamic, and their activities are altered by every experience, thought, word, and action in a person’s life. So, why not direct your experience to influence your genes in the most positive ways?

Deepak Chopra

I actually don’t have this book at home at this moment, as I have given it away as a gift. This book is connecting all the dots of how our body feels, sees and heals. Reading it during the pandemic, it really helped me to start to make myself a wise health decisions. Not only for my physical health, but also to my mental, emotional and spiritual health. This book explains how our brain works with our five body systems and when one is in shock how it will relate to our brain and what will happen to the rest of body systems. I again recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand how outside world can affect our health, and how amazing our body and brain are without trying to tamper with our dna as it is. It also explains how quantum science works for our energetic body system when we receive reiki, bio energy healing or perform yoga. MUST READ!

3. Your Body is Telling You: “Love Yourself” by Lise Bourbeau

Your body is telling you : Love yourself by Lise Bourbeau

This is THE Book my mum recommended to me about ten years ago. It is all about metaphysics and kinesiology. How our body is trying to tell us in its dis-ease way that there is things we need to attend to. We are so use to just pop a bill or brush off any pains or notions in our body and never fully pay attention to it, until it has become serious issue. Our body loves us and would do anything to stay alive as long as possible, so listen to it. With this book, you are guided to see what your body is telling you and how you could work with it.

Remember that ego is not real – you have created it yourself with your mental energy. It is incapable of knowing the needs of your true self!

Lise Bourbeau

4 The Great Cosmic Mother by Sjoo and Mor

The cosmic mother by sjoo and mor

Arghh.. you know when you have moment when everything comes together?? All the dots suddenly click? yeah, this book did that to me. I am history nerd.. Honestly – older than better. Any when you have old fairy tales, legends and nighttime stories made into reality by showing the symbolism and magic.. there is explosion happening in my head. My eyes go wide and my smile goes from ear to ear. This book is like this.

Spirit, in matriarchal religion, does not negate its bond with the mother. It is generated out of the living process of time and space: She creates, dissolves, and transforms herself as she goes.

Barbara Mor

It is strong feminist book as well. So be aware of that, and last chapters can get very, very political. BUT – it doesn’t take away from the beauty of our ancient pagan culture and traditions. Literally this book explains lot of society normal’s and what part of our evolution it comes from .Why are we so damaged as we are – trust me! If you can look past of heavy stuff, it will make you feel whole lot better at the end of your day. You feel better, you feel empowered, you feel like you are not so much outcast because you have never fully felt like you would fit with this box of society that you have been raised since you were born. Incredible history and art. Bare in mind tho: its thick book and took me three month to finish.

5 Tantra by Osho

Tantra by Osho

This is book what I open on random part and it makes me feel good right away. As you see, it has become well read book.

There is nothing to give, there is nothing to get. Everything is absolutely okay as it is. There is no need to give and take. You are absolutely perfect as you are.


I use to keep it on my stairs, and sometimes, as I was passing or putting kids to bed or just needed a bit of sense this world; I would just open it up from random place and it just hit me straight back to home, to my body, to my soul.. Tantra for me is our normal being. When we are stripped of everything: titles, labels, religions, social standards.. That naked you, who dares to drop everything and look in your own reflection back in the mirror. What do you feel?

Incredible book to learn to understand tantra more than what we are advertised of: the sex, drugs and sacrifice. As much as that is part of the tantric practitioner principles, first you need to learn the philosophy behind it, and that book is great start. How far you want to go with it, is up to you.

6. The Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant.

Robert T.Kiyosaki

You say what?? Well, I am a grown up and I am living in the society where money does matter. One of the books I listened in Audio and absolutely loved it. It made to look my own belongings and life differently. Made me to start to use my tools better and make sure I am wise and not follow just the social normals when it comes to making decisions on my financials. I am single mum at the end of the day. I rely on financially on social welfare at times, but is that what I want to do for rest of my life? Give this power away from others control how will I spend my livelihood or retirement, while waiting the Lotto win sitting blindly on my fortune and never actually realising what I have? Right?? Its not as motivating to manifest with universe as Think and Grow Rich or You Were Born Rich… But it is more practical guide to see how you could use the manifestation with things you already have. Make your liabilities your assets and then these assets to your income. Great read, and he also has great insight in his YouTube channel!!!

7. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

Woman’s self-esteem rises and falls like a wave. When she hits the bottom it is time for emotional housecleaning.

John Gray

When it coms to relationships, it is never easy. We have the first two year period where it is like honeymoon, then we are starting to see cracks and it is more how we approach to these cracks rather how we patch them up. Everyone has cracks, there is no ideal person, lets move past it. But understanding the difference of people or genders makes it all more real. Now, now you say – we are non gender.. Well, well, I say! Whatever way your hormones go, you have neither or both ways to approach to life. I love to say think that when your feminine and masculine (yin and yang) are in balance, then you can understand whoever is your partner. But to be able to balance out your two sexual sides – you need to understand how they work. And this book is very good to clarify it. Whatever you like to call yourself: female, male, binaural or unicorn. It’s about balance.. Other thing about this book is – that it is not only about your relationship. It is also about your co-worker, your parent, siblings, bff’s or random person in coffee shop. This book just makes human interaction so much easier.

be kind

So thats my seven… there is so many more, and I will revisit this topic again. Let me know what are your favurite seven, or give me some great recommendations. Always ready to find great reads, authors and ideas.

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