Bedroom must haves..

Honestly, I am one of those mums who could go to bed knowing that my house is an absolute chaos. Why? Because my mental health and sleep is more important than trying to scramble it all together. We laugh with my partner how I clean once a month and he cleans after me.. Well.. That’s not fully true, but there is still slight bit of truth in it. You see, he would clean the kitchen after I have cooked the dinner.. Or when he has cooked the dinner.. either way, when he is around, the kitchen seems to be his love spot. While for me it is my bedroom. If you want to find a clean place in my house – it is my bedroom.

My bedroom is the place I retrieve from the days work. If I feel down and want to hide from world – you will find me in my bedroom. If I am home alone and want to find me – I willbe in my bedroom.. (no funny ideas now)

So that place is very important to me. Not so much to everyone else who I live with, but because I love them, I let them hang with me and tidy up the mess after them – from my bedroom.. as is my partner tidying up the kitchen after me.. do you see what i mean! Balance..

There are some must have for my bedroom tho. When I was doing up my bedroom, I did follow lot of feng shui principles, yet – I might have overlooked few for my own personal perception.

1 The colours in my bedroom

You go – Thats not really a must have darling? But it is! When it comes to your bedroom colours, you really need to make wise choises. I chose the colour schemes really what work for my mood. Colours what helps me to fall asleep and wake me up. I do not put anything in my bedroom out of those colour tones. The bedding, lamp shades, furniture or flowers – all stay in that colour scheme.

2 Living plants

The best what works in my bedroom is cut flowers and plants. As my bedroom is the north side of the house, it gets very little sunlight and can be very dark for most of the plants. But plants that dont want that much sunlight or care are the best. When you choose your plant for bed rooms, make sure they are ones what are air purifying and low maintenance. Talking from experience, that bedroom plants can get easily overlooked when your bedroom is upstairs and rest of living space on ground floor.

3 clean bedding

I change my bedding weekly.. I know! BUT, it is essential for my good sleep. Many nights there will be either one of my kids joining in or my partner. It means there is more than one person shedding their skin. Add some pets and ou wow, what a compote. I am not a huge clean freak, as I mentioned above, but I do find clean sheets keeping a good personal hygiene.

4 Cushions and pillows

How many cushions is okay for one king size bed? Asking for a friend..

I already have seven and I will be adding two more. Currently looking for king size pillows. I guess it really is matter of personal choice. For me, there is nothing more ruining the night as bad pillow. Some people only need one orthodox pillow, while mine has to be feather and breathable.

5 Good Duvet

Yes, I emphasize lot to me bed and bedding. But it is called bedroom – so it is place for rest, and if your not equipped enough with good bed and bed arrangement, you will not have great time in there. I use feather again as my duvet. You see, I am one who is always cold, and my partner and kids are always warm. Balancing act with feather duvet is that we all get what we want. Its climate regulating, breathable and machine washable. What helps to keep all the nasties out, stops me buying new duvet every year and saves me fortune in long run. I don’t mind to spend good money on it, as I know it will be investment for awhile.

6 Charger porter

Regardless of not having my alarm on, or having the phone turned off at night, I have my phone charging during the night in my bedroom. And this is due my own feeling of safety.. I have woken up once during the night before for and a strange man standing at my bedroom door. If that doesn’t trigger someone – what will? I have my phone turned to “airplane” mode, and charging on the sideboard. Yet, it will be there in case I need to call for help. I don’t use the wire charging, but rather have the plate. It takes longer to charge but I consider it safer than cables. This is my personal choice and opinion and I am sure many could advocate different perspective on it. Let just mention that this is not the post for it.. Love you anyway!

7 My tv..

Yep, I am not even shy about it. Don’t watch it that often, but find my kids many times tucked in my bed watching Disney plus and I know they feel safe right there in the comfort of my cave. I mean – if that is bad.. I can put two hands up and say “I am bad mum and I am loving it!” I also use it to do some days my yoga in the room while streaming some of my favourite yoga teachers flow to it or some meditation music. There has been many evenings spent watching Harry Potter or Avengers while dropping popcorn and chocolate buttons to bed… And I love those evenings. Yet, it can be left just hanging on the wall, with no use, for days or weeks. I love it, and I would not take it down just because of some scientific study says so… I live once, kids grow up fast.. can I just use it this lifetime for the joy and comfort it gives us? Absolutely!

Now, let’s talk about things I don’t have in my bedroom.

1 Family photos

Yep, took them all away.. I have them all downstairs with all my other stuff, but not in my bedroom. It is place where I don’t want too much of distraction of myself. Its not that I don’t love them, but it is also place I go to be with myself and downsize the interaction with the outside world (You go: yet you have tv! I know, but its there with the purpose)

2 No clutter

No trinkets, no make up, jewellery stand or anything like that. My clothes have been out away and I don’t bring anything my work or hobby related to my bedroom. If I do, I pretty quickly remove it from my room. As it does get distracting for me, if I keep looking at unfinished project. Alo, more likely that unfinished project will stay unfinished, if it sits upp in room what is not meant to be used for working. So minimal distraction and no unnecessary clutter. Make up can be stored in bathroom and jewellery in drawers or wardrobe.

3 Chair

Chair is for me a culmination of “I just throw it here for a moment” and it will take weeks to move it to back where it suppose to be. It is super handy and you could wonder where would you sit.. you have a bed to sit on – no?

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