Gender binary explained with Chakras

This is triggering subject and as a mother of new generation xyz, it is topic that I can not overlook. It is part of the evolution and as I really want to be in my kids future life and have healthy relationship with them, I have gone to the extend to do some more spiritual study on the concept.

So I need to start this with Disclosure:

I am not a scientist or doctor. This is my observation as yoga therapist, mother and reiki practitioner who has been playing with bio energies since very small age of 7. Please, I beg you, to do your own research on the subject. It is my opinion and only my opinion. If it does resonate with you and makes total sense to you, then happy days – I am delighted. If it doesn’t, please do click out of the blog and leave it to someone else to pick it up.

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Little bit about how I got to this topic – or how this topic found me. About twenty years ago, I hurt my back during dance performance and as part of recovery I was introduced to yoga. One thing that really mesmerized me was the chakra systems in it. Mainly because as a child I had this ability to feel inside of people who were around me and sense where they would have blocked colours in their bodies. It took me another 15 years to fully start to embrace that ability and start to study chakra systems more and more. When my daughter was born, then first five years she was like any young girl. There was Barbies and princess dresses, but soon around the start of progress of her moving to second stage in her life, she developed more interests to more masculine traits. She got really sucked into the team sports, stopped wearing dresses and was very specific of her personal belongings. Dolls were out and Lego was in. Her father was very upset about it, as he (raised Roman Catholic) was expecting total different response from his pretty little girl. As she is transformed into her second stage, she has still very strong masculine traits but also embraces so much feminine sides and feels rather balanced. She is child who is developing and my job is to guide her whatever is her decisions on her raised awareness as she is growing up through her life stages.

So how does chakras come into play in the non-binary. Let’s explain that a bit. So we have seven main chakras what are located in our body: Root chakra – base of the spine, Sacrum Chakra – our pelvis, Solar Plexus – Our gut, heart chakra – our heart, throat chakra – throat, third eye chakra – pineal gland in our centre of the brain behind forehead and crown chakra – top of our head. These are the main chakras what help to control our life force – prana, chi or whatever you like to call it. When chakras spin openly and are in balance – you feel happy and healthy and enjoy life in full. When chakras are off balance, we would find some parts of our life not balancing out; could be more emotional or find hard to find place in life. Our chakras develop from birth down to age of 21. It has noted that babies who are slow developing at birth, have weaker root chakra and in older ages might have some learning difficulties or hard to find grounding in their life.

When we talk about the seven chakras then first six have balance of Yin and Yang according to male or female, yet it does not matter are you born male or female. Hang in there and let me explain below.

chakraMale genderFemale gender
third eyeyinyang
chakra yin/yang

So what does mean Yin and Yang mean? Yang and Yin are polar opposites of the two magnets: Yang the masculine – action orientated energy and Yin the feminine – observing creative energy. When we talk about root chakra being Yang on masculine and Yin on feminine bodies – it means that masculine – aka men- use their root chakra to react to certain situations. Hence – asking girl out instead of girl asking boy out; being more sexually orientated than female would be; getting into fights and arguments as it is part where we hold our roots to society; and etc.. As root chakra being Yin in female means that they would not be the ones to push the agenda of going to one night stand or have problem move to another household without worry of losing their family roots; being more passive to arguments and fights without getting into physical altercation. Now if the root chakra is unbalanced on the person there could be destructive behaviours caused by it, and can make us feel like we have needs to behave out of our natural balanced being. But thats is totally different topic that I can write about some another time..

Whatever is our sex at birth, how our chakras develop over the time of 21 years, is going to determine how we are going to feel about our sexual orientation and gender as we grow older. So if you are born female but your root chakra is yang – masculine – it will be very difficult for you to fit into the shoe of perfect little girl. And even if you fit into being perfect little girl – your future intimate relationships will be best with someone who’s root chakra is developed as yin-feminine energy. If the person is born as male and has yin energy root chakra, they will find hard to keep up with all the masculine parts of their growing up. They wouldn’t be that much into team sports and also might find some of the action orientated activities very overwhelming, while finding more passive yin type lifestyle more suitable for them. This all does not mean that all of them want to change their gender as they grow older, or want to date their own gender who is opposite of their yin-yang side. It is more about how they grow and become to acknowledge their opposite sides of feminine and masculine energies and which ones they would feel more comfortable with.

What brings me into the final conclusion on this: do we really need to label person’s gender just because it is more logical to us? Or can we let them to choose what pronoun they like to be identified with? As it doesn’t really matter; we make babies still the same way – does it matter that their he/she is mixed up for our little brain? If you let person to be who they truly are and also let them stand in their truth – isn’t this for the better world?

I truly hope this little blog post helped you in some of the ways rather confused it more. It is actually not that difficult to look past when we open our minds to it. If you look at this way of peoples energetic behaviours – we can all identify already persons in our lives who would be more she than he or vice versa. It is not 21st century invention – it has been here since we wiggled ourselves out from the ocean.

Love you and have a fab day!

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