How to unwind for weekend?

I have had pretty mad week.. I have found myself little overwhelmed with work or working all hours. There has been visitors and then some extra work. On top is trying to get organised for back to school and the ten day holiday to Estonia. So there is lot happening. But as the weekend is slowly showing up – I start to prepare for slowing down. How to do that?

I am actually really bad at this.. My best work day is considered Sunday as there is very few interruptions and usually rest of the household has very little demands for me. It’s also that my email will be quietest, so I can prep work for the week ahead. Unless.. My boyfriend comes to visit – as he will pull me knowingly away and make me relax for the weekend.

So what are my top tips when I really want to switch off for the weekend.

1 Friday is my cleaning day

I clean my house top to bottom first thing in the morning. I usually plan my week ahead so all my scheduled posts and content are created and ready to go. Including friday. So Unless there is physical stuff to make or post – rest is all done within monday to Thursday. That gives me tie to clear my week away by cleaning the house.

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2 Bath

Not always, but I try to keep it as one of my go to’s. Water helps you to relax, and when my kids go to their dads at the weekend – the silence of the house can really set the weekend ahead.

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3 Glass of wine or bubbly

When I still worked for someone else’s payroll, then I called friday wine as my Friday Pity Party.. It was the moment that I poured myself glass of wine and started whining about all the things what went wrong in the week. I have noticed that since I have started to work for myself – my wine has more quality, my mood on drinking that glass is different and I get much more enjoyment out of it. I don’t drink during the week, as I rather be sharp when I get up and do my work, then little down and want to go back to bed. I have weekend for lie ins.

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4 Take away

It is so bad and unhealthy that I couldn’t really care about it, but one day in the week I will not cook that dinner. Never-the-less, we still gather up together -even when kids are going to go to their dads – and have that chips or pizza or chicken goujons. Paid and delivered and nothing homemade here.. NADA!

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5 Grown up tv time

Typically during the week I have hardly tie to watch any tv. So late night with glass of wine, pizza slices after bath to hug that tv remote and binge watch netflix series .. Hell Yeah! But it does show the difference in my age.. I’m sure that 15 years earlier, this would have not the way I would have decided to unwind for the weekend.

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But that is short and sweet.. I am pretty bad of unwinding for weekend. I guess because I have quite good morning and evening routine, there seems to be hard time for me to get out of the routine. That does bring me to the point that the weekends I do usually feel quite unhinged at times. Especially if kids are not around and there is no one bossing me around. How do you unhinge for weekend or even for holidays?

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