Filling Anti-inflammatory Oatmeal

Munching here it and thinking: life is amazing, so I better share this with you. This was my lockdown discovery and I can eat it every time I feel that my joints are getting stiff and it will ease it off quite a lot. Someone who has rheumatoid arthritis knows what I mean. You can add to this some berries or jam.. I just added natural local honey.

Turmeric oatmeal

Ingredients (makes for one)

1,5 cup of any alternative milk or organic milk

1 eggwhite

0.5 cups of oats

1 tsp of Tumeric

1 tsp of Cinnamon

1 tbls of honey (or anything else you like to add)


Add coconut milk and egg whites to the pan, heat on medium heat and keep stirring.

When it is thickened, add the oats and let it cook by stirring continuously.

Add the spices and honey or berries and stir another 20-30 seconds.

Serve and top it up with extra berries or honey.


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