Filling Avocado and Chicken Wrap

I love this as my quick to go lunch. It takes ten minutes to make – that also includes cooking the chicken. But you can cook that day before, bring everything in the small jars to work and assemble it together later.

Ingredients: (makes one)

Chicken fillet

One wrap

half of avocado

lemon juice

0,5 cup of salad leaf

1/4 cup of spring onions

5 slices of cucumber


salt and pepper


Cut the chicken fillet and flatten it with hammer. Pan fry the chicken from both sides until cooked through. Takes about 2 minutes from either side and slice it up.

Mash up the avocado, add some salt. Spread it all over the wrap, and sprinkle lemon over it.

Add salad, spring onions and cucumbers. Spread some mayonnaise over it and top it with chicken. Grind some pepper over it and wrap it up.

I like to pin it with toothpick and toast the wrap a bit under the grill, but it is very unnecessary.


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