The Italian jazz surprise in Galway – Il Vicolo

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love two things: Italian food and jazz music. This is magical combination what gives me all the feels. The Jazz is not that much associated with Italy but they blend together so well.

So it is not surprise that Il Vicolo in galway has been my soft spot from 2017 Jazz fest onwards. The music is big part of the Il Vicolos atmosphere. The settings is inside the old Corrib Mills cellar. Its cozy and dark with river running underneath the building. The most romantic table has large window to the stream running underneath the setting. Add some candle lights, good husky tunes and tasty wine – what else does your soul need to get it purring like cat with fresh cream (or chicken according to my cat).

The setting is super sweet and also has balcony area at the back, where you have view to the river Corrib and busy city centre settings. On quieter days you can see the swan family and their little off-springs coming over to be curious to see how you get on. On summer days you can sit out with blankets around and listening the water with humming music and buzz from inside – you get the point, right?? Can you feel it yet?

Le’ts talk about the food and drinks. The quality has never stopped amazed me. Due the covid they have downsized the menu quite a lot, but honestly it is the quality over quantity what matters when it comes to good food. Selection of starters with strong italian tastes – you know that there is good chef behind it. With selection of tastes from sicily to connemara turf and quality to marry them together on one plate, IN-CRE-DI-BLE! (you can see that head chef is female and sous chef Italian – every italians kitchen best matched recipe).

If you are looking for excellent wine to match your meat or the delicious and fresh seafood, the staff on the floor and behind the bar are superb help. I must say that it is super hard to find these days. Usually they just randomly point on something in the menu and has no real understanding on the taste or what would it work with. You ask for sweet but end up with dry – I know! First world wine lovers problem – but if you are going to go for excellent food – wine has huge part of it. I must say, I have never got bad drink in this italian fairytale. I have strong love for italian red wine – not necessarily to Rijoa but Amarone and Montepulciano do give me little happy wiggle. Both are available in the their wine card, and if you look for nice white – Gavi will be your easy drink for the evening. But don’t count me on this – ask the staff.

I love how down to earth the staff is who works there. For me it is sign of great owner who is taking good care of its employees. The staff will be eager to learn the menu, to interact with customer and actually really enjoy their job. Working in food industry is not an easy job, it usually means long hours, running around the small crowded rooms with a heavy tray above your head for good 6-8 hours and deal with complaints or demands so you could provide the best night for each table. As waitress you are responsible to make the communication between the customer and kitchen/bar very clear so both side get the memo.. It is not always easy and if you walk into environment where you can sense a very good flow – it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. This really is the get go to Il Vicolo when you walk into the reception and bar area from the very start.

So if you are looking good place to eat while in Galway – Book your table ahead of time. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Sunday evening they have live musics and if you could, book the table during the jazz fest: it does get crowded – it is worth every pushing around. They place is hard to find, so definitely get a bit ahead of time to arrive on your booking. You make the time up by getting your superb glass of Pino before you will been taken to your table. And don’t get worried about the point that it’s hard to find, if I ever learned anything in Italy is that best places for food were always slightly hidden – like small gems!

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