Winter travel bucket list – IRELAND

I live in Ireland, and as much as we hate the weather – you literally feel some days like you live in the lake, there is a thing that you can nearly always get to go somewhere and have great time at it. Regardless of the weather… You just need good clothing. So I have set now few things I want to get to with kids over the winter month: My Irish bucket list from the September to June.

1 Cooney Island

You could drive there – or you could hike. You could also cycle but that could be slightly silly. The island is on the coast of Co. Sligo and during the low tide by following the postal stones you can get to the island. But thats the thing – you can get to it only on low tide. Another thing is that the island is full of bunnies. They are absolutely everywhere. Wouldn’t be fab prior to easter to get kids down there?

2 Sceilg Mhichil or Skellig Michael

The place in Kerry they used for Star Wars. Its ancient monastery with stunning views. Never been but seen so many fab pictures from it. You need to book a boat trip to the island and then take 500 steps up to the top of it. You can meet locals there – puffins… the actually living flying penguins – I am already excited. The Island and the monastery is part of the UNESCO World heritage site. The landing tours are allowing only 180 people daily on it, so it needs to be booked early and within a season.

3 Mitchelstown Cave

One of the most spectacular caves in Europe with one of the largest calcite formation called Tower of Babel in the middle. It was discovered on 1833 by accident and have been now set for visitors during the summer but also for winter. Also not far from another UNESCO heritage site, what you could do then at the same day. They encourage you to bring picnic and have it there before descending down to the magical never-ever-land.

4 Rock Of Cashel

It’s huge and stunning of celtic art in middle of the ireland. It is also called of the High King of Irish Monuments. It was set there 10th century bc and has lot of different architectural styles and momentums. It was place where first High King of Ireland was living and has been centrepiece of Irish celtic christianity. Place is open all year around.

5 Queen Meave’s Grave

Queen Maeve’s Grave (Misgaun Maeve) is located at the summit of Knocknarea mountain, which, at 1,014 feet, dominates the landscape to the west of Sligo. Maeve was the warrior Queen of Connacht in Celtic mythology. The walk up to it is little climb up and you bring the stone to add the grave.

6 Newgrange

Another Worlds Heritage site, but this time it is as close as Neolithic as it could be. This site has extensive history to ancient ireland, celtic culture and traditions. It attracts thousands of local and international tourist each year.

7 Guiness Store House

A MUST! Yet, after 14 years living in ireland, I have yet to get to. No worries tho – neither is my boyfriend who is born and reared in Ireland. So this will be definitely one of the places we might sneak away for the winter colds to drink the glass of all black with creamy head.

8 Drive all along The Wild Atlantic Way

I have this plan to do with my kids on October Mid-term Break. Just drive around the road marked as wild atlantic way. Should rent a campervan and off we go. It is long enough and takes you to itty bitty narrow roads but as much as I have drove it so far – IT IS SO WORTH IT! It shouldn’t take longer than a week so either spring or autumn should still be relly fun to get done with minimal of the costs. But you are stil lable to get the winter holidays in north and have some summery fun in the sunny South West of ireland.

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