Book review: Tantric Love – journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy by Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho

I get asked a lot about Tantra and Isn’t it all about funky sex acts. Well – it is and it isn’t. To get to the fun adult part of the Tantra you have to understand it’s philosophy. Tantra is 80% of perception to life and 20% of sexual ecstasy. When you learn to use your creative energy and control it to the best of your abilities, then you will be introduced to the new way of how to look at your intimate and sexual relationships.

This book tho is not only for more advanced tantric yogis and yoginis but also for the commoners who want to bring more love and openness to their relationship with themselves or others.

I must say I enjoyed this book and I will bring out some of the points. Im not on left or right wing of Tantra: haven’t decided what way my path is going to drop but I’m here to discover more by each book, article, practice. 

1 Chakra systems and the meditations 

Each chapter has dedicated chakra and meditations helping you to connect within the chakra so you could feel more love and connection with people around you. As reiki practitioner, most work I do is opening the chakras for people and releasing their traumas so they could deal with the situations and become more relaxed and wholesome in their environment. 

Meditations in the book are for person to do it as single or as a couple so you could connect more in personal and intimate level. Whatever is the reason you feel like you could improve your relationships with – personal or with others – there is easy to follow guidance systems.

My favorite? Root chakra dance meditation! I have done unaware that it’s for that since I was eight or nine. I would turn off al lights and turn music up so loud that I could feel it’s vibration and then just dance.. It always starts slow and ends up fast paced until it’s slow and meditative again – full of piece and tranquility. Fully taking about 30 minutes to complete.

2 Seven year pattern

The book has very clear and easy to understand seven year cycle what we quite frankly talk a lot in energetic and spiritual healing. It also explains when certain chakras do develop and start to work in our physical and energetic body. When we are starting to build stronger relationships etc.

As we develop through or life time then we also grow and get ultimate use on our chakras. Older we get the more we use our higher chakras what are more our spiritual and wisdom from the experience in our life path. When we allow ourselves to grow in these natural laws, then we are more likely enjoy our life to the fullest. There is path for everything we do. When you feel like you are stuck on certain energies and stages, then there is quite good meditations within the book how to open and move forward from it or grow better understanding on the blockage and which chakras are affected with it.

3 Anger management 

One of the meditation from the book what I have also done with kids is the anger management meditation. One way to release of emotions and energies what can be destructive to us. Anger is nothing less or more than a feeling, creative feeling and if it is not addressed appropriate ways then it can have very damaging results to our emotional body. 

We practice this meditation and at the end of the practice we are all in fit of laughter. Then do something creative with the released energy and used it more productively. At the end of the day, even negative emotions can have positive charge if you know how. To use it in positive ways. 

4 Round belly concept

When you look ancient sculptures of India or artwork from famous people from centuries back, you would hardly see flat bellied skinny girls. The whole concept of women need to be super skinny with nothing hanging over the waistline is only 20th-21st century commercial ideals. When women is in balance there is natural ideas that they culminate belly fat around their lower stomach where is their sacrum chakra. 

In Tantra and in ancient beliefs truly considered that girls with flat belly had their emotional body either under developed or fully immature. Women with curves where much more considered of having healthier relationships with themselves and with others around them. In the book it is very well explained why would you need to stop looking to loose the extra curve on your canal and consider more how happy you actually are with every extra centimeter you have on your body.

5 chakras – yin and yang  flow

This was like a lightbulb moment for ma and I already have lengthy post about it available in my blog. . 

The whole idea how the masculine and feminine polarities are growing in our bodies and how little actually our birth sex matters to it is quite original research. We don’t talk about it that much because it has bit of a taboo and also some conditioning attach to it. As we have raised everything has Anand or label, well the yin and yang energy flow through human body is really well explained and gives you brand new perspective to it.

You can read further of my study from the topic in here.

Overall I had very little expectation on the book but was very pleasantly surprised. The book is not only great for your own personal growth or to strengthen your personal relationships with your loved one but also to understand your kids and family and where they are in their life journey.

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