How to open and balance your chakras?

Chakras are energy spots along the line of our spine and body. Even so they are not visible like other organs it has scientifically proven to have higher energetic points in our body. And if you follow kinesiology, acupuncture and metaphysics, working with certain centers and organs in the specific areas can release blockage in our body and change not only your health but also your outside life. People leave relationships, jobs, friends or even move countries or homes. Balancing out chakras do have effect of either releasing past conditions or traumas. 

So how many chakras our body has? There are nine main chakras but seven only in our body. These seven are the ones I will be concentrating the most. To find out how healthy and strong your chakras are can be done by reiki healer or any energy worker. But also tuning into your body and looking within can also get you connection with yourself. That’s where you are learning more about yourself and your own personal truth, plus start to understand why certain things could trigger certain emotions.

So how to open or balance your chakras:


It’s not a joke when we say that you are what you eat, but I’m not going to try to make you a vegan. Instead I’m asking you to really look the ingredients in your food, the source it is coming from and quantity you eat it.  If I must have pet beave with food industry is that you buy food as local as possible. There are absolutely amazing superfoods from all over the world, it doesn’t have to be imported in from other side of the globe so you could have your extra vitamins and nutrients. Closer your food is coming from your current living habitat the more valuable and resourceful it is for your body. so instead of buying expensive Australian Manuka honey, try to get local honey from farmers market. It will have bigger health benefits for you than the one from down under. Unless – of course you are from Autralia.

To work with chakras you should combine the food with the color of the chakra. root – red, Sacrum – orange, solar plexus – yellow, heart – green, throat – blue, third eye – violet, crown – purple and white. Other rule of thumb is to use foods according to the location of your food on earth. What do I mean is: root – root vegetables, protein from under the ground; sacrum: veg top of the ground, fish and sea mammals; solar plexus: food growing on stalks not high up off the ground, non flying birds; heart chakra: all greens vegetables on below, Centre and above the ground, bugs and mollusks; throat chakra: fruits and vegetables growing above the ground but not too high, branches like apples or cherries, eggs; third eye chakra: lot of water and fruits or veg high above the ground, birds who fly; crown chakra: this is place of high enlightens and highly suggested to fast during the opening or balancing of this chakra.

2 Exersice and yoga

Certain exercises can release the blocked energies, plus the mutant movement on running or repetitive movement on Exersice will give your brain release of the tension in areas that needs to be looked at. Yoga is one of the best ones to use for that purpose. 15 minute flow of holding each pose for minimum of 30 seconds will help your Nadis (energy cords between the chakras to move prana each part of the body. Yoga has been used in India for 4000 years or possibly longer to improve ones health and wellbeing. Nadis are like energetic cord of meridians in acupuncture and in our nervous system. If you follow certain chakra flow or use certain poses for roughly 28 days – your whole life changes from the fundamentals up. But also be prepared to deal with some difficult situations from your past or current life what do not match your inner truth or the future you are meant to have. 

It’s not hard to recognize when someone is no longer for you. It’s just hard to accept it.

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3 Pranayama aka breathing techniques and Kriya Yoga

How little we actually pay attention to our breath. We do it non stop and we need it to survive. You could run with your friend for miles and within the moment you stop you could control your breathing to stabilize your body to its normal state while your friend is still in the heap of gasping air. Having control over your breathing helps you to have better understanding of the world around you. There is different safety net in our breathing, yet it is something we disregard or pay minimal of attention to. 

Using appropriate pranayama techniques can have a massive impact on your health. It’s in enough if you just first learn to notice when you breath in and Out and slowly learn to lengthen your breath. It’s similar like drinking water, every breath of clean air makes your life longer with better health perspective. So using pranayama to target certain chakras is another ancient healing technology from all parts of the world. Not only from Asia . In Africa and native America they used also to smoke herbs to enchanted your healing and opening, as did aboriginals  in Australia and New Zealand.

4 Meditation and Binaural beats or sound baths

One of the best way to open your chakras or aid their opening is to use sound bath during the meditation. there is also quite a few mantras what can be useful to chant while meditations if that you feel is helpful for it. 

What comes th chakras and binaural beats, most drumming will go through our bodies vibration and release any unwanted energies from the body. Especially if you are carrying other people’s energy in your vibrational body. 

Very helpful is also listen to certain hertz music as each layer of our auric body is connected to relevant chakra system. You need to look out different solfeggio frequency to each chakra. The frequency vibrates in your auric field and connects straight to your chakra. For root chakra it’s 396hz, sacrum it is 417Hz, to solar plexus you need 528hz. Heart chakra works with 639hz, throat on 741hz, third eye on 852hz and crown chakra will balance on 963hz. To make it easy look into YouTube looking for certain music on certain frequency and mantra and meditate while playing it in background

5 Get a reiki treatment

The best even when you not need any chakra balancing but use it as for your wellbeing. In reiki you are asking trained energy worker to help you to move or balance your chakras. It is super relaxing and great time for yourself. If you can’t attend hands on one, then you could ask for distance healing instead. It can be as effective as hand on and help you with the journey getting to know your energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. opening chakras can be draining and difficult process, the moment you think you are done you start again. So help with energy worker can be really big help.

So these are my five helpful tips. I will be bringing out more detailed food, yoga and pranayama technique blogs to use for each chakra, so do follow my blog and subscribe to the mailing list.

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