Creamy end of the week beef curry

When I use to think of the curry, it had to be with chicken. It was my boyfriend who introduced me to beef curry, and rest is history. As anemic, red meat has huge part on my diet and twice a week I try to add it to my diet. As I love experimenting with food, then this was absolutely one of the big ones I had to write it out. Also by far our little families popular favorite. It’s gluten free and dairy free. You can’t compare your curry sauce what’s made out of scratch to The one what’s out of jar or packet. Plus coconut based sauces are much tastier than ones what are on dairy based.

Another thing about this one is that it is quick.. So even during the week you like the wholesome meal during the colder evening.. This one is most definitely for you.


1 tbs ground coriander 

1 tbs ground cumin

3 tbs massaman curry paste

150ml water

75g creamed coconut

400g beef strips 

400ml coconut milk

50g walnuts chopped

2 tbs fish sauce

1 tsp brown sugar

4 kafir leaves

Fresh coriander

Cooked rice


Mix spices with paste.

Add the water to medium saucepan and heat it up, add the creamed coconut and let it dissolve.

Add the spice and curry paste mix and meat, stir and let it cook for 8 minutes on medium heat.

Add coconut milk, nuts, fish sauce and sugar, simmer for 20 minutes, until meat is cooked.

Add the lime leaves and simmer further 2 minutes.

Serve with cooked rice and garnish with coriander.


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