Review: Valgeranna Adventure park in Estonia

I have visited the place before few year back but my own kids were at that time too small to take a part of the adventure. This year as one is six and another one nine with qualified length to be to after the trails, it was actually pretty fun. 

So Valgeranna sets on the west coast of Estonia at the beach. Like the name states (Valge – white; ranna – beach) it sits at the beach with white sand. The adventure park is literally meters away from it. Not far from the adventure park is also camping site wher two decades ago I had stayed with my parents for few days. The beach is great location for swimming but not so great for the surfing, yet if you like to start practicing some wind surfing, it could be great to start. Waves are not too big and wind can’t come in with too big of the force.

Location itself is situated about 8km outside of the city Pärnu. Pärnu has many fantastic hotels, food and attractions in place and we only got this time to visit few of them. As the kids are older there will be define toy more to add to our adventure list. 

Let’s get back to adventure park as it was really great fun. Less for me as I couldn’t join in – yet, but my kids really enjoyed. I also had my niece with us and she ended up getting little hurt as you have to pay attention to your trails and follow few rules. When you get to the reception, you could measure your kids to find out which trails they can go to. Both my kids coul probably gone to further than I let them, but my reasoning was to see how we get on first time.  So my son and my niece went for the junior trails and my daughter to the first three trails. I wish we would have had body cams or go pros. But I know to get them for the next time. 

So there is two junior trails. All trails end with zip wire, so it’s like happy ending each time. The first ones the little ones, flew through, second one needed more consent ration. But pretty much I left the two six year old pretty quick to find their own way there. About 20 minutes in, my iced forgot to attach her clip and fell off the trail and ending with buised bum. The fall, is minimal tho. And one thing they get hurt mostly is their little ego with bag of fright. Needless to say, she pretty quick recovered and was back in action. 

But the thing is, that for that age, these trails – junior or not, can be quite tiring. There is multiple of actions they need to remember of doing: Swapping your safety clips and same time keeping balance and using your brain muscle while coordinating your body muscles. 30 minutes for pre-school kids will most definitely make them tiered and hangers.. All they wanted after was pizza, but as my daughter still going through her trails, I had to sit and make them wait patiently. 

So my daughter was able to do the three first trails and not yet the full six of them. Each trail goes higher up into the trees and gets more interacted than the last. It all comes down to your physical, mental and emotional state. Because these three are exactly what you need to have to go through the path. For my surprise my daughter who is only inne could really get past her fear and anxiety and rather switched on her logical mind to solve each task between trees on best of her abilities. There is ladders dipped all around the trail path if you decide that you want to quit, yet she denied each time of them. Front of her was father with his two kids and kept saving them by going forth and back on the trail himself. I felt slightly sorry for him but you do what needs to be done.  The first trail to finish for my daughterr took about 20 minutes. Second trail about 30 minutes and the third one about 40. 

By the end of the second trail, both younger kids where hanging on me like zombies out of walking dead looking to be fed. But because the weather wasn’t the best as it had started to rain by this point, there was no food place open on site. I kept asking my daughter, does she wants to come down, secretly hoping she says no, and she kept refusing. It’s funny how as parents we do take cretic of our kids accomplishments. ,she might o t agree with me that it was her accomplishment but indeed it was. 

But this is another thing about the place. Pretty soon as we arrived, it started to rain. First just abut and then heavier as the time went by. Because we were in deep of the forest under the branches of 8m high trees, it wasn’t that bothered about it. After about hour and half when trails got little more wet, pretty much at the end of my daughters last rails, it was slightly uncomfortable and we were all ready to leave. But other than that , I believe that even if it wouldn’t have rained, we would have been pretty done anyway. 

So I would highly reccomend this place, it humble with easy access and can have swim after. You can cycle to it if you want to stay in the city or why not check out the camping site instead. Enough to do to entertain kids, they also have playground for smaller kids and good laid back chill area for less active people or for picnic. 

There is little video here to see how we get on at the place!

Valgeranna Adventure Park

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