Best six audiobooks I have listened (non fiction)

Books are great for getting knowledge you look for or board ending your imagination.. Actually it is for both. When you are either not a big reader or have certain disabilities, or stuck with time or just find hard to concentrate to the reading part: audiobooks is absolutely brilliant and inexpensive. They do work also for saving the trees if you wan to be environmentally sensitive and can be listened from your smart phone. 

So where to start from? Well I have some suggestions, there is one fictional but with strong ties to the self help and new age views. Then few financial books and few self help – life coaching. So let’s begin.

1 Robin Sharma “5am Club”

This book is for some and not so much for others. There is great story enrolled between the science of how our mind, body and soul work together. How to install new habits to get the best our of your life, work and health. What I loved about this book was that it used the modern neuroscience and psychology and blended it with ancient monks sanskrits and habits. He is the same author who wrote also “monk who sold his Ferrari” and I was contemplating on whether to use this or the monk book instead – both are excellent and have pretty much the same ideals. 

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Book we all should listen at least once a year! This is literally basics to have fulfilling life. If you start to listen this book and the seven habits we should have within us, you end up shaking your head in disbelief that you haven’t come up to it yourself. AND keep nodding along as you understand and agree with it. There are some unwritten rules in the Homo sapiens universe that never get outdated, and these are the seven highly effective habits. People who flow with universe and don’t enter to rat race have more success in whatever they decide to do. It just makes sense. 

3 Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

One of those books I have been sharing and reccomend to anyone who is willing to listen. It’s time for change, it is time that we start to change our perspective how we look and value our time and money, our assets and our liability. If you have been looking for one book that is financial but wouldn’t put you to sleep with first minute listening in – then buy this one. You will start to look your life differently. 

4 Men are from Mars and women are from Venus by John Gray

I’m sure some people or generations could argue that the book is outdated. But not necessarily. Even if you do not want to be associate to the sex, as I have wrote before – we do tend to fall to our natural Jin or yang energies. And this is the book where we, if we could relate to our partners stronger side, can help to understand our partners moods and stages better than just hoping and guessing. This book can be used to understand teenagers, bosses or co worked besides your partner as well. 

5 Becoming supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Great book again to understand the modern knowledge of neuroscience and secrets of how to manifest your future. The connection between your health and brain and metaphysics. The quantum science and how to work it for your own life. Dr. Dispenza and Robin Sharma has lot in common. One fills the another, one most definitely has been the teacher to another. But which way is what .. Maybe better to not fully be aware of it. This book was one the first ones I read four years ago, before I deep dived into self realization and started to create my future to my own personal path. 

6 Ishamel by Daniel Quinn

The very moment I am typing this blog post – I am half way through this book. This book was suggestion by one of my friends, and it has literally blown my socks off. I have to take bus tomorrow to work and I am so excited to walk to bus stop as I can keep going with the book. Partially fictional with very current storyline. It was so excited when I realized what this book was about. I mean, this book was first written in 70s, but only eventually released in naughties… Because lot of editors thought that it would not do too well in sales. It is incredible hidden gem that I would have never picked up myself, but can relate to it at fifty years later more than ever society could..  When I will finish it, you will have a quite a book review for it. If you are reading it after few month later, check out categories  to see have I already released a review for it.

These six would some of my suggestion to start off from. You can download audible or see what audiobooks are avalable in your IBook shop. 

If you have any other suggestions. Please let me know, I’m always up for new books to discover.

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