Opening and balancing Root chakra with yoga

One of the greates way to open and balance your root chakra is with yoga. You don’t need to be sporty, slim or super flexible for yoga – that is just silly perception that social media has put in our heads. Yoga is non intrusive and you are asked to go as far as you can or your body allows.

I do have to put here disclaimer, that if you have low blood pressure, you are pregnant or have any hip or back injuries to consult with your doctor or physio before attempting any physical activity.

You could use this flow in the flow rather than performing each section on their own. Work with visualization while performing the poses. Start with 15-30 second in the pose and extend it to 30-60 seconds. But trust your body and make notes on how you body responses to each side of the pose. Perform the flow for next 28 days to get best out of the flow and really balance out your root chakra. 

The very start of the yoga flow, please create some heat in your body by performing some Sun Salutation. Concentrate on breathing and do not hold your breath. The whole flow with sun salutation takes about 15-20 minutes. See video at the bottom of this article.

1 Tadasana or Mountain pose

After nine rounds of Sun Salutation, catch your breath in this pose. Stand strongly rooted into the ground through your two feet. Keep your feet about your hip width apart. Raise your toes to make sure you are using all four corners of your feet. Feel like there is string pulling yourself up to the sky from middle of the head, raise your shoulder to your ears and let the drop down, level your pelvis. Breathe in from top of your head and breath out through bottom of the feet straight to the earth underneath you. Stay in this position for 30-60 second (less if you feel like it).

2 Virabhadrasana II or Warrior 2 pose

Step your feet about meter or more apart – whatever feels comfortable, turn your front foot 90 degrees and your back foot slight inwards. Align your front heel with the inner arch of your back foot. Bend your front knee and line up your shoulders with your hips. Keep your pelvis looking forward but have small internal rotation on your back leg so your leg would stay neutral. Start to feel the earth energy going in from your front foot and out from your back, forming a circle. Raise your hands and keep them parallel with your ground. Make sure your front knee don’t go over your ankle, press weight into your heel rather the toes and outer edge of your back foot. Breathe in the energy from front foot with beautiful dark red color and out from your back foot to ground every negativity from the root chakra. Hold the pose 30-60 seconds ( about 5-10 breathes). Lower your arms, lift your back leg and come back to mountain pose. Then switch sides.

3 Utthita Trikonasana or Extended triangle pose

With this pose, go as far as your body allows you. Don’t force it to happen. This pose really is one where you can see your own progress as body opens up over time. Rest your hand on your calf and put your top hand on your hip, if it makes you more comfortable. 

Step your legs again one meter apart or as wide you feel comfortable, turn your front foot 90 degrees and your back foot inwards slightly. Make sure your front heel and back foots arch align. Raise your arms to be parallel with the floor, slide your hips back while you stretch your front hand and torso to front. Then place your hand to the chin, ankle or floor – whichever is more comfortable for you. Raise the other hand above your head or rest on the hip. If it is comfortable to your neck – look up to your hand or to the sky. Press weight to your front heel and all four corners of your foot and not on your hand. Feel the earthly dark red energy coming up of the foot and hand to your torso, down to your root chakra and out of the back leg and outer edge of your back foot back to earth, taking the blocked energy away from your body. More you turn your torso up towards the ceiling, the bigger area the energy takes in your upper body. Breathe in to the movement energy come up and out the energy to move out from your back foot. Hold the pose to 30-60 seconds (5-10) breaths. Raise your torso up slowly , lower your hands and bring your legs together for mountain pose. Switch your sides.

4 Utthita Parsvakonasana or Extended Side Angle pose

We again return to wide leg pose, but this time we set up to our second pose of Warrior 2 or Vurabhadrasana II. Exhale and move your torso above the front bent leg. You can lean your elbow to your knee but please do not stomp over as it put too much pressure on your knee joint. Or place the hand on the ground behind your bent leg. Raise your back hand above your head finger pointing to forward. You could use yoga book or book here if your hand don’t reach to the ground or ankle. If you feel more challenged, wrap your buttom hand from front to back and your above hand behind your back and see can you join them.

Make sure your knee does not go over your ankle. By using all four corners of your feet, and your outer edge of the back foot, balance the weight between your body, connect strongly to the earth beneath you. Now feel the energy again charging through your crown chakra on top of your head and releasing down to your earth through your feet. Breathe in through your crown and out through your feet. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds (5-10 breathe) then raise your torso and step up to mountain pose. Switch sides.

4 Malasana or Garland pose

Widen your legs as wide as your mat – you could even go wider when you are in the pose, just adjust it to your own needs. Bend your knees and sit down between the knees without touching the ground. Your hips need to be lower than your knees. Place hand in front of you in prayer pose. Close your eyes, feel the energy entering from your crown chakra coming down to your premium. Feel the earth energy supporting you from the below. This pose should not cause pain but rather should feel comfortable and comforting. If it is causing any discomfort then wiggle around in the pose until you feel good. Remember that intention is 70% of yoga. This pose can also trigger emotional charge, so you could find yourself feeling to cry or release some of the emotions and feeling. Please do it – release what needs to be released as we have now opened the root chakra and starting  to balance it. Hold it from 30-60 seconds (5-10 breathe). Sit down to release.

6 Agnistambhasana or Fire Log pose

Bend your legs, place one of the legs ankle over to other, bend the bottom knee to meet top legs knee with the bottom legs ankle. Now your knees and ankle could be wide apart – don’t try to force them to touch. This is strong hip opener, so you will feel stretch in your hips. If you feel any pain in your knees, release it a it. Breathe in from top of your head and fill your hips, breath out with gratitude. Hold the pose for 30 a 60 seconds. Release and switch side so. 

 7 Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose

Press your feet together front of you , open feet up like a book leaving the outside edges still touching. Straighten your spine and bend forward without arching your back. Feel the energy charging down from your crown to your feet through your arms and back up through your spine. Stay here for 30 seconds or five breathes. Straight back up and bend forward again, but now arching your back.

Stay here for 30 seconds and let the energy circulate from your spine through your head to your legs making infinite loop in your body. Release by raising back up.

8 Paripurna navasana or Full Boat Pose

Straighten your legs front of you, bend your knees and by holding with your hand underneath of your tights raise your legs up while balancing your on yiur tailbone.. Slowly straighten your legs, you can keep holding behind your knees or let them go while keeping the balance in place. If you can’t straighten your legs, keep them bent. Feel the energy growing in your root chakra, hold it here for 30-60 seconds, release down to lying flat on the earth.

9 Savasana or the Corpse pose

 Place the cushion under neath your knees, and you might also want to add small cushion under your lower back to support your natural arch, especially if your luxury baggage is your butt. Try to relax the whole body, but you might feel extra pressure around your lower back and abdomen. Release it slowly and remind your self that you are safe and protected. Feel the white healing universal rain showering your body and filling your soul. This is perfect moment also to listen some binaural beats or solfeggio frequency  music. Let’s your body twitch or pull where it needs, don’t hold it back – this is your nervous system response to opening or new and blocked channels in your body..

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