Sunday thought: sociaty of anxiety

What a funny week it has been.. I have had a time to really digest of last week and weekends events, root deeper within my root chakra and bring up some deeper understanding of what I am feeling and why.

As I was doing my own work, I got help from friend with reiki treatment, what really shifted some perspectives for me. Last week I discussed the ever growing anxiety what I had left within me as normal life flow after becoming parent. The mental state that always sits there even when there is absolutely nothing I should be anxious about. Not only I realized about my own wired state of mind but I started to also see others and how they feel like they are continually need to do, feel, push so,ethic in their life.

This week one of the nights I jolted up from deep sleep as my daughter who is nine was standing beside my bed. I asked is she okay and she said that I did funny noises in my sleep and she got scared for me.. She is nine, and she got up during the night to check on her mother as she was worried about my well being! As I cuddled her back to sleep in her bed I realized how early on our society does put pressure on ourselves to overthink, over achieve and over activate us on the life we live in. So this nine year is over protective of her small family as she understands already the importance of it. What made me to look again deeper to myself and understand how much of over parenting am I doing.

Because let’s face it, from good minimal of millennia parents have been only accepted if there off cuts have better manners, education and talent. If you lacked the sources then you had very short life expectancy and failing at promising future. Each parent has been trying to give their kids better upbringing that they were able to get, what makes the whole anxiety bigger by each generation. Some of them achieving their hopes and others failing miserable. Both type of parents carting the anxiety of either not being able to fail or feeling the failure. 

So tell me honestly when was last time you could sit quietly, without a thought in your head , in your body or in your life. When was last time that you just – it will be all good, I just need to go with flow. It comes down to the reiki principle: today I do not worry, today I do not rush, today I respect people around me, today I live in today and go with the flow. Because there is no other moment: we only live in now. 

It’s nearly trendy to be anxious and continually work on something or worry about something. If you are not then there got to be something wrong with you. You are either lazy, procrastinating or depressed. The fact is that people feel a need to be stressed over something what should not be even thing to be worried about. If our own life is so stress free: house implacable, kids looking clean and cute and to do list 100% complete, then we do not know what to do with ourselves and we start to work on the news or outside home stresses because the feeling of no stress or anxiety is solo alien to us. 

But what if you won’t look outside home for the gratification of your stress level? what could happen? Feeling of gratitude of life? Feeling of being complete in the environment and work you are in? As much I love that my daughter wants to make sure that her little family is okay, I would rather have her sleeping soundly all night in deep relaxing sleep.

I have added another few principles to my reiki mantra – to not follow that social anxiety! Because that is not healthy. My house is not to your standards – you are welcome to not come to here. My kids are not acceptable for your raising standard – you are welcome to shut up and do what suits you with your kids.  You don’t like the work I do or how I conduct my work – you have to accept that we have different patterns how we work. My life doesn’t not have to make a sense to you. That is why it is my life. 

And just ask the question yourself: are you inviting the stress to yourself by yourself ? And why? Why are we buying into the socially acceptable stress, then shake our head and swallow anti anxiety pills to get out of it.. Yet as soon we are out we feed back into it. When will you take charge and get out of the rat race?

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