Book Review: The new Tao of sexual massage by Stephen Russell and Jürgen Kolb

So this book was one that was passed on. Wouldn’t been my first pick but it was actually very eye opening and there will be few things I will start using on my practice myself.

Now don’t get me wrong: I do reiki and not sexual massages, but as much as when you want to enjoy good sex you need to be able to relax.. So is when people come to reiki and they find hard to switch off. They feel the heat but they don’t fully understand what is happening. 

The book is great addition to any relationship that wants to enchanted their connection. Book concentrates of couples starting to feel more connected with each other by sharing the personal and intimate touch to each body. When we do look into Tao or even Tantra (these two are actually related but not exactly the same) then sexual energy are the energy they use for healing of emotional and physical body. Why? Well any emotional blockage will stay in our body and will end up causing health issues. When you start to work with your emotional body – usually laying in your sacrum chakra and second layer of your auric body ; you also start to work on your health. 

Before you get into any massage techniques, the book explains you the importance of your body posture, and breathing as giver during the massage. It also explains what to expect during the massage as receiver. It shows you the different hand positions and when to use resting position as the receiver can get excited or when receiver wants the giver to stop so the receiver could deal with the energy as it surges through the body.

First the book explains the back massage, then the front and then face to close of the massage. There is lot what you could use on daily on your kids and family or your treatment room when you look at the back. Also anything for face and hand or arm are great addition and can bring peace and calmness to the receiver.

We have to remember that 80% of our energy is sexual, don’t matter how old you are. Before we learn how to use that energy we are literally using it to either sleep around or being destructive in our lives. As achild, the sacrum chakra develops during the age 4-8, age where kids live in their imaginary world and like to show off their private parts. It’s still growth about themselves and their place in the world. So starting to stimulate the energy to right direction and teach how to use it in correct way should be essential.

I think and feel like the word sexual or sex has such a taboo or wrong context how people preview it. Sexual energy is our creative energy. It is the energy location of our body where we are creating all our artwork, make strong decisions and grow baby… Literally. This is the area what can get six or blocked as soon as we feel very strong emotions and deny ourselves things we love and desire. Instead of getting too giggly about the book,, why not to actually practice that.

Don’t get me wrong, there quite a few very intimate massage techniques what would be on,y be able to practice in the bedroom and with your partner. Again, it is not only for male and female relationship. Any relationship what is intimate has lot to learn from the book. When you are able to build this close connection with your partner that you can feel so comfortable to let them touch and massage your intimate body parts – this is how you build strong long lasting relationship. It doesn’t only open up your physical body, but also your emotional body to be able to discuss each other’s fear, emotions and also creative ideas. Just think as an artist – talking about your creative ideas or desires in this world is as hard as letting someone close to you physically. Why? Because the energy is the same.

So as much as the book wasn’t my personal choice, it was and will be valuable book for my personal and intimate life with my kids, my partner and my clients.

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