Sweet and salty fig tapenade on crostini classic lunch.

Honestly, this is one I bring to work with me. You make it to the jar and bring another jar of Crete France. By fresh roll or even crackers and you can scoop it straight out of the jar. This is also vegan friendly if you want to use coconut yoghurt instead of Crete Freiche. This is part of my opening and balancing third eye program meal plan.


1 large fig, cut in quarters and roasted 10minutes with olive oil

125g black olives, pitted

Haldful parsley

3 springs of thyme

3 tbs of capers

Garlic glove

3 tbs of olive oil

Lemon juice to taste

Rustic baguette

Crime France

Salt and pepper


Roast your fig, then let it cool.

Add figs, olives, parsley, thyme, capers, garlic, oil and lemon to food blender. Mix and season to taste. 

Toast your bread, spread the tapenade, add some Creme Freiche and enjoy!

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