My September Month Obsessions

Im one to go down the rabbit hole if it attracts my eye.. like literally – watch every movie, every episode, read every book and find out details about every actor, food, its origin, colour… and so forward. As much as it can hit people and their nerves it also not only enlightens me, but also adds colour to my personality and conversations, to my blogs and to my content here to you. So these are few things that have been taking the whole attention of mine this month.

1 Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Ismale by Daniel Quinn

Obsessed with this book! I have it on audiobook form and it is incredible. I honestly can’t wait to have the weekend trip with no kids again so I could finish it. It has cleared up some “confusion” for me about the society we are living in, why are we can’t see what is right front of us, why do we have the guilt in society and how I could balance out my life. Who are the takers and who are the leavers and why both has place in this planet without having to fall out. Just clarity and understanding.

I love my audiobooks so much as I listen them in the car or when I am running. And there are many that i listen, appreciate it but leave it to be picked up in my audible library again if I feel like it. And then there is others, what I go out and get it in Hardback. Ismael is coming home as hardback. Each year I pick a book of the year.. This year award goes to Daniel Quinn.

2 Marvel movies in chronological line up

Groot ❤️

Soooo.. I am late to this game but hear me out! I’m not really one to comic books.. as a kids Micky Mouse was the closest you can get me to look at the comics. So, I have been in the dark.. Before my daughter was starting with Iron man, I had seen three movies total: The end Game, one before The End Game and Doctor Strange (after seeing now about 10 more – Doctor Strange is still my favourite so far). So we started with Captain America, then Captain Marvel – talk about kick ass woman!! and we are as far as finished watching the Doctor Strange (third time watching it!). I must say the movies are fab, well made, actors are great and story line is really good. I am absolutely hooked and hush kids along so they could finish their homeworks and we could fit in the movie before bedtime.. yeah! Me, pushing kids so I could watch movie with them. Honestly – kids are delighted and I love being more of the fun mum for once.

3 Good Girls in Netflix

Good Girls

I am raising two hands and admit that i am mum and I love this type of chick flicks. My boyfriend thinks its hilarious and I should watch Godfather before (spoiler alert – I haven’t seen Godfather either). But as mum I can so relate to their struggle with their home, kid, work, money issues! I have sick child and I know how you would do anything to protect them. Personally, I feel that this is exactly why the show is so successful – every woman can relate to the issues and boundaries these three face and go through it and why… we might not go as far as they do, but … you know what I mean. There is irony and lot of funny parts and again.. the acting is just better by each episode. Who has written this whole serious deserves good pay rise and acknowledgment.

4 opening and balancing your chakra systems with food

Chakra systems

OU yes, there is more as you have followed my blog lately. I add to my recipes, not only ingredients and instructions, but also how they would relate to your chakra systems and exactly how. It doesn’t only stop with food, I’m also looking into yoga, breathing and meditation. We just have to remember that 85% of our wellbeing, comes from food we put in ourselves. If you eat well, you will have better health, we all know that.

It has gone as far that I ma going to work up 28 day program with food plan, yoga and pranayama exercises to do to open and balance each chakra; just don’t forget to follow my social Media to find out more!

So these have been my four obsessions this month. I will be sure to fill you in , what has got me obsessed in October at the last Wednesday of the October. I hope you enjoyed this little blog and chat you soon!

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