Opening and balancing your root chakra with pranayama

Using pranayama to balance or open your Root chakra is very popular and most definitely super effective. It only takes about five minutes total and pretty much can be done anywhere. Obviously some of then can be more physical than others could be slightly given few looks in public place but done it in home and in quiet environment is absolutely essential. 

Ideally you should do pranayama straight after your yoga asana flow. Physical activity already relaxes your body, removes lot of tension and releases your brain with anything that could take your attention away from you. It also releases many stuck energetic blocks.

Pranayama is literally controlled breathing. But before you start you have to understand what prana is

The principle of movement, however, is prana, the breath of life, the all-powerful, all-pervading rhythms of the universe, in which world-creations and world destructions follow each other like inhalation and exhalation in the human body, and in witch course of Suns and planets plays a similar role as the circulation of the blood and the currents of psychic energy in the human organism. 

Lama Anagarika Govinda

We are all moving bodies, we are matter that continually moves around as electrons move around. What we put into our body is turning into cells within us or waste, that also goes to say about our breath. If you use your breath in a full, it will make your life more fulfilling, strengthen your health and heighten your vibration. Using your breath while at tuning into your root chakra, you are ready to release any fear, trauma and insecurities. Learn how to trust your inner judgment, feel more safe and happy in your environment and start using your highest truth to align your life to your highest good.

Join my 28 day program to find out how to properly use them, but you could also follow the short description to make it work for you.

1 Alternative Nasal Breathing

Root chakra is connected to sense of smell as it is one of our primate sense. We start to sense smells when we are still in our mothers womb. When baby is born, the way it recognizes their mother by the smell. Lot of babies who could not get the strong connection with their root chakra or with their mother, usually ends up in future with certain type of mental illness or disability. Lot of the fears and traumas from our childhoods is stored in our root chakras. Let’s remember that most childhood traumas do happen before age of seven.

The alternative nasal breathing means that using your right hand you close one of the nastrals with your index finger, breathe in and keep the air for 3-5 seconds, then breathe out, swap the nastrals by closing it with your thumb. Breathe in, hold it 3-5 seconds and breathe out.

2 Nose tip breathing

You could also do this eyes closed, or close your eyes when you start to feel strain in your eyes. This also helps to open your third eye chakra. To make it easier to get your orientation to tip of the nose, try to put your finger front of your face, about 30cm away from your nose. Stare middle of the finger with both of your eyes and move your finger closer to your face until it touches tip of your nose. Keep breathing inward with long deep breath. Keep working on the breathing while holding your gaze on the nose until you are ready to move inside the meditation.

3 premium point breathing

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Then when we are talking about prenium point breathing, we are talking about putting our concentration to the point of where root chakra is. where is it exactly? It is between your front genitals and anus. The part of skin what lies between the two parts of your body. This is very important point in kundalini yoga and has been used in the meditation or flow practise daily. In root chakra all your dormant energy lies. One way to get the point to correct place is to sit in the lotus pose and place heel just between the two body organs. If your feet are not that flexible, just place your index finger to it, press slightly but not too hard; just that you have feeling and you can draw your attention to it.

Keep breathing in and visualise the lotus opening and closing in the prenium. Root chakra has four petals, so each time you breathe in, bring the breathe through your body to your prenium, to your root chakra, and see all four petals opening up, then release by breathing out, feeling like your breathe is going down through your legs, out through your feet out back into circulation. Keep your breathing through you lower body to the middle and up to the top part: so full body breathing.

4 Pelvic floor contraction breathing.

This time we are doing pretty much as we did above, we are using the same point, but this time we are squeezing the muscles what are around it. The pelvic floor muscles. This time as you breathe out from first breathe you squeeze the muscles together as you get to breathe out your stomach and from prenium. Now hold the muscle as you breathe in again and as you breathe out – release again.

5 Mantras

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Each chakra has its own mantra and for the root chakra is Lang and you use the vibration from the mantra is helping to open and balance it. You could get yourself in very comfortable position for meditating. You could sit on the floor or sit on the chair, as long as your knees are not under tension, breathe in and out, pay attention to it by using the the point where it touches your nose, your throat or go further by feeling when it hits your prenium point aka root chakra. Next take deep breathe in and when you breathe out, slowly call out llll-aaaaa-nnnnn-ggggggg. The g should be soft and your tongue should sit on top of the mouth. This is where you create the vibration. Feel the red colour opening up in your prenium, you can also hold lotus flower mudra to enhance the flow of energy to in and out of your chakra.

So these are great five root chakra opening and balancing pranayamas. I am working on “28 days of opening and balancing of root chakra program” where I go little further in the techniques. You are welcome to follow me in here by subscribing or find me in social media to take part of the program.

I am forever blessed for you to have read my blog and I hope to chat you soon!

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