The quietest helper mineral – chromium

Chromium has not really been looked deeper into because our body seems to be able to adjust its level to suit us. It is something that is so common and easier to digest for our body that if you over do it, then it will not give your body adverse reaction. So we literally don’t talk about it. Yet, this incredible sweet mineral helps us so much when we do look for it to our system. And it is something that our body would give us hint that it needs in very subtle ways: sweet tooth..

Yes, the most common sign of your body craving for chromium is getting urge to eat sweet stuff. But also feeling that you are not full. You see, chromium helps to regulate our insulin levels and proteins that help our body to absorb the cholesterol (good one). So between niacin- b3 vitamin (what takes out the bad cholesterol) and chromium (helps the good cholesterol to stay in), you have power ranger combination.

Image from National Institute of Health

You can’t over dose it but having chromium deficiency tho, can cause some health issues. So taking healthy amount of 25-35mg of chromium a day, will keep your blood sugar levels in check, heart and muscles healthy and fully working.

Now, there is two types of chromium: one is healthy, second one you find in household items or in building materials and they are not for human body consumption. Cool as pipe in wardrobe but definitely don’t look to cook with it.

So if you are looking for yourself ways to hike up your chromium, do not look too far. It has not been a lie that glass of red wine can keep your heart healthy (remember the cholesterol!). Of course everything needs to be done in moderation. One glass of red wine has four times of chromium than the daily value we need.

Have you ever wondered why people in Mediterranean can eat all that tasty food and still look athletic and good. That is why! Having a glass of wine with your Sunday family dinner or with big high calorie food is just not okay, it could help you long way even days after the dinner.

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