Sweet and salty fig tapenade on crostini classic lunch.

Sweet and salty vegan friendly fig tapenade recipe. Tasty and easy to make: perfect for lunch or evening tapas.

Quick pre workout 3-4 ingredient breakfast smoothie

This is super simple, takes about 3 minutes to do and Frills you up. Also add as your fiber and fruits of the day. And if you like to add the optional whey or Wigan protein powder, you are topping up your protein power as well. I drink it mostly as my first breakfast beforeContinue reading “Quick pre workout 3-4 ingredient breakfast smoothie”

Book Review: The new Tao of sexual massage by Stephen Russell and Jürgen Kolb

Review of the Tao of the sexism
Massage book. Not only for couples but healthy guide also for therapist.

Sunday thought: sociaty of anxiety

What a funny week it has been.. I have had a time to really digest of last week and weekends events, root deeper within my root chakra and bring up some deeper understanding of what I am feeling and why. As I was doing my own work, I got help from friend with reiki treatment,Continue reading “Sunday thought: sociaty of anxiety”

Saturday evening tasty Chicken Dopiaza dinner

Tasty chicken dinner to cook at home. Curry paste based dopiaza, just add some naan bread or rice.

Opening and balancing Root chakra with yoga

One of the greates way to open and balance your root chakra is with yoga. You don’t need to be sporty, slim or super flexible for yoga – that is just silly perception that social media has put in our heads. Yoga is non intrusive and you are asked to go as far as youContinue reading “Opening and balancing Root chakra with yoga”

Best six audiobooks I have listened (non fiction)

Books are great for getting knowledge you look for or board ending your imagination.. Actually it is for both. When you are either not a big reader or have certain disabilities, or stuck with time or just find hard to concentrate to the reading part: audiobooks is absolutely brilliant and inexpensive. They do work alsoContinue reading “Best six audiobooks I have listened (non fiction)”

Spicy courgette toast with cooling mint and salty feta

This was lovely surprise and honestly might change my mind about the courgettes. I find courgettes rather tasteless and the texture when cooked rather appalling. So trying now marinated with cheese and mint, it was very refreshing. It could be also great as small appetizer for the event as it does not get that soggyContinue reading “Spicy courgette toast with cooling mint and salty feta”

Vegan friendly savory breakfast pancakes

You could also fill these pancakes with extra vegetables, or use normal salt if you purer instead of soya. Soya just really added a bit of oomph to the taste puds. Because the recipe is eggless, I’m using tapioca flour to make it together. Just make sure you let it cook long enough on theContinue reading “Vegan friendly savory breakfast pancakes”

Review: Valgeranna Adventure park in Estonia

I have visited the place before few year back but my own kids were at that time too small to take a part of the adventure. This year as one is six and another one nine with qualified length to be to after the trails, it was actually pretty fun.  So Valgeranna sets on theContinue reading “Review: Valgeranna Adventure park in Estonia”