Super lunch with walnut caramel and roasted grapes on soda bread with ricotta.

This sweet and sour quick tasty meal is really easy and tasty. You could make the walnuts caramel before and store it in your cupboard.  Ingredients ( makes two) 100 g of red grapes 1tbs of olive oil 1/2 tbs balsamic vinegar  50g walnuts 2 tbs of brown sugar 1 tbs of honey 1 springContinue reading “Super lunch with walnut caramel and roasted grapes on soda bread with ricotta.”

Traveling with kids during Covid – essentials

How to travel across your borders during Covid with kids can be super stressful, but still absolutely doable. Lot of the vaccination cards, restrictions and testing can make even the most calmer person overwhelmed and anxious. As you had to be prepared before, then now it is double the hassle. So what you need toContinue reading “Traveling with kids during Covid – essentials”

Sweet potatoe and cranberry breakfast cake

If your re like me who would love some pastry for breakfast then you will love this recipe. It is gluten free and also can be adjusted to work as vegan recipe. The only thing you need to substitute is the egg in it. It’s lovely moist considering that it has quite a lot ofContinue reading “Sweet potatoe and cranberry breakfast cake”

Book review: Tantric Love – journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy by Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho

I get asked a lot about Tantra and Isn’t it all about funky sex acts. Well – it is and it isn’t. To get to the fun adult part of the Tantra you have to understand it’s philosophy. Tantra is 80% of perception to life and 20% of sexual ecstasy. When you learn to useContinue reading “Book review: Tantric Love – journey into sexual and spiritual ecstasy by Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho”

Winter travel bucket list – IRELAND

I live in Ireland, and as much as we hate the weather – you literally feel some days like you live in the lake, there is a thing that you can nearly always get to go somewhere and have great time at it. Regardless of the weather… You just need good clothing. So I haveContinue reading “Winter travel bucket list – IRELAND”

Vegan Friendly Breakfast Donuts

This no bake donut breakfast is probably the most tastiest protein balls I have had since whenever. I just find protein balls very swett, sticky and not very tasty. They are overloaded with dates and maple syrup and cocoa. But this one was actually nice little change. The cashew nuts with little bit of conoutContinue reading “Vegan Friendly Breakfast Donuts”

The Italian jazz surprise in Galway – Il Vicolo

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love two things: Italian food and jazz music. This is magical combination what gives me all the feels. The Jazz is not that much associated with Italy but they blend together so well. So it is not surprise that Il Vicolo in galway has been my soft spotContinue reading “The Italian jazz surprise in Galway – Il Vicolo”

Filling Avocado and Chicken Wrap

I love this as my quick to go lunch. It takes ten minutes to make – that also includes cooking the chicken. But you can cook that day before, bring everything in the small jars to work and assemble it together later. Ingredients: (makes one) Chicken fillet One wrap half of avocado lemon juice 0,5Continue reading “Filling Avocado and Chicken Wrap”

Easy Tortilla recipe for Brunch

This is my favourite one to do when I have visitors over. As it takes only few inexpencive ingredients but feeds a big bunch of people. You don’t have to hoover over the cooker too long and you can also get kids involved. Ingredients (feeds 4 but double amounts for bigger crowd) 2 tbls oliveContinue reading “Easy Tortilla recipe for Brunch”

Easy and healthy Chicken Kiev

Another great recipe and easy to make. When it comes to chicken, it can become very quickly very dry if you overcook it.. and ou boy how easy is to overcook the chicken. So this one leaves chicken always nice and most due have been filled with cheese. Ingredients: (serves two) 2 chicken fillet 7Continue reading “Easy and healthy Chicken Kiev”