My Money-Saving Hacks for Grocery Shopping

2017 on the perks of opening my first brick and mort shop I found myself splitting up with my kid’s dad. We have been together for eight years and it was not all roses and chocolates, indeed we had very different views of parenting, in money and family life. After having bought a home togetherContinue reading “My Money-Saving Hacks for Grocery Shopping”

Filling Anti-inflammatory Oatmeal

Munching here it and thinking: life is amazing, so I better share this with you. This was my lockdown discovery and I can eat it every time I feel that my joints are getting stiff and it will ease it off quite a lot. Someone who has rheumatoid arthritis knows what I mean. You canContinue reading “Filling Anti-inflammatory Oatmeal”

How to unwind for weekend?

I have had pretty mad week.. I have found myself little overwhelmed with work or working all hours. There has been visitors and then some extra work. On top is trying to get organised for back to school and the ten day holiday to Estonia. So there is lot happening. But as the weekend isContinue reading “How to unwind for weekend?”

Mid-week tasty potato and sausage pan-fry

This is tasty and easy to make. It is one of our little families favorite and you can make it more funky by using different type or taste sausages to jazz it up when want to be more adventures. But even ittleones love it. Ingredients (serves 4) 0.5kg waxy potatoes, cubed 2 tbl butter 8-12Continue reading “Mid-week tasty potato and sausage pan-fry”

Gender binary explained with Chakras

This is triggering subject and as a mother of new generation xyz, it is topic that I can not overlook. It is part of the evolution and as I really want to be in my kids future life and have healthy relationship with them, I have gone to the extend to do some more spiritualContinue reading “Gender binary explained with Chakras”

My best time management hacks

One thing we can all struggle, and especially if you are working from home mum. I love the quote by Hester Mundis – “There is no such thing as non-working Mother”. I mean I listen Clubhouse and writing the blog and only going to get the boog to get quote correct, I also emptied andContinue reading “My best time management hacks”

Favourite quotes from book of Spiritual Thought & Provoking quotations.

I got hands on this book as a pass on from someone who was moving countries and knew I love books. It is one of those books, that I would have never picked it up myself. Yet, I must admit, that book have had huge impact on my bookshelf and to my literature life. TheContinue reading “Favourite quotes from book of Spiritual Thought & Provoking quotations.”

Sage and apple pork chops with baby potatoes and baby corn

I make this a lot. We love pork in our house, and as it is one of the in-expensive meat to buy, it has got me through times when I really had to crunch my budget a bit. As much as pork is absolutely lovely when you just pan fry it, throw over bit ofContinue reading “Sage and apple pork chops with baby potatoes and baby corn”

Evening routine..

Writing yesterday’s blog about the morning routine made me think how much we emphasize to mornings but we hardly ever talk about evenings.. Do I have evening routine? What is it?? Fall into bed and watch endless stream of netflix or TikTok.. mmhh, yeah that as well but what else.. What am I actually doingContinue reading “Evening routine..”