Egg Muffins with quinoa and Feta

These are small, tasty and filling. I’d like to think it’s the black olives that give an extra taste bunch, but then again, I loooooove black olives. These muffins are packed with important amino acids. Amino acids are proteins what help our body to function properly. There is difference on protein and the protein. OneContinue reading “Egg Muffins with quinoa and Feta”

Figs and blue cheese on rye bread delicious lunch idea

Combination of pancetta, roasted figs and Bly cheese on dark rye bread is Pe quick way to entertain your friends and family and fill them up with perfect deliciousness but simple ingredients.

Tasty Halloumi sandwich for filling lunch

Quick and easy, vegan friendly lunch idea. Perfect for easy brunch what us healthy, spicy and filling.

Filling Omelet with Spinach and mushrooms

Filling and tasty, easy to make and full of all the goodness breakfast. You don’t need to be master chef to make an perfect omelet, but honey – if you can make an omelet, you can cook anything!

Sweet and salty fig tapenade on crostini classic lunch.

Sweet and salty vegan friendly fig tapenade recipe. Tasty and easy to make: perfect for lunch or evening tapas.

Quick pre workout 3-4 ingredient breakfast smoothie

This is super simple, takes about 3 minutes to do and Frills you up. Also add as your fiber and fruits of the day. And if you like to add the optional whey or Wigan protein powder, you are topping up your protein power as well. I drink it mostly as my first breakfast beforeContinue reading “Quick pre workout 3-4 ingredient breakfast smoothie”

Saturday evening tasty Chicken Dopiaza dinner

Tasty chicken dinner to cook at home. Curry paste based dopiaza, just add some naan bread or rice.

Spicy courgette toast with cooling mint and salty feta

This was lovely surprise and honestly might change my mind about the courgettes. I find courgettes rather tasteless and the texture when cooked rather appalling. So trying now marinated with cheese and mint, it was very refreshing. It could be also great as small appetizer for the event as it does not get that soggyContinue reading “Spicy courgette toast with cooling mint and salty feta”

Vegan friendly savory breakfast pancakes

You could also fill these pancakes with extra vegetables, or use normal salt if you purer instead of soya. Soya just really added a bit of oomph to the taste puds. Because the recipe is eggless, I’m using tapioca flour to make it together. Just make sure you let it cook long enough on theContinue reading “Vegan friendly savory breakfast pancakes”

Super lunch with walnut caramel and roasted grapes on soda bread with ricotta.

This sweet and sour quick tasty meal is really easy and tasty. You could make the walnuts caramel before and store it in your cupboard.  Ingredients ( makes two) 100 g of red grapes 1tbs of olive oil 1/2 tbs balsamic vinegar  50g walnuts 2 tbs of brown sugar 1 tbs of honey 1 springContinue reading “Super lunch with walnut caramel and roasted grapes on soda bread with ricotta.”