WoW Centre – hidden fun place for young and old

The new hidden play place for kids and grown up in Saaremaa. Take time out and explore together new things all under one clean and spacious environment with good food and tons of fun to do.

Traveling with kids during Covid – essentials

How to travel across your borders during Covid with kids can be super stressful, but still absolutely doable. Lot of the vaccination cards, restrictions and testing can make even the most calmer person overwhelmed and anxious. As you had to be prepared before, then now it is double the hassle. So what you need toContinue reading “Traveling with kids during Covid – essentials”

Winter travel bucket list – IRELAND

I live in Ireland, and as much as we hate the weather – you literally feel some days like you live in the lake, there is a thing that you can nearly always get to go somewhere and have great time at it. Regardless of the weather… You just need good clothing. So I haveContinue reading “Winter travel bucket list – IRELAND”