How to open and balance your chakras?

Chakras are energy spots along the line of our spine and body. Even so they are not visible like other organs it has scientifically proven to have higher energetic points in our body. And if you follow kinesiology, acupuncture and metaphysics, working with certain centers and organs in the specific areas can release blockage inContinue reading “How to open and balance your chakras?”

Favourite quotes from book of Spiritual Thought & Provoking quotations.

I got hands on this book as a pass on from someone who was moving countries and knew I love books. It is one of those books, that I would have never picked it up myself. Yet, I must admit, that book have had huge impact on my bookshelf and to my literature life. TheContinue reading “Favourite quotes from book of Spiritual Thought & Provoking quotations.”